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Wired Banking Africa is a registered trademark of Wobilo Africa Limited with RC 1732793 as a duly registered legal entity in Nigeria, with the Nigerian Corporate Affairs Commission. All Deposits are held by Our Banking Partners, Providus Bank licensed by the Central Bank of Nigeria on behalf of savers. WBAfrica financial services is provided under a Cooperative License regulatory provision with registration number *RC:34343*

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WIRED BANKING AFRICA is a core banking system deployed for financial institutions (MFI, Cooperative society etc); to enhance Thrift Collection, Daily Savings, Esusu/Akaw/ Ajo/Adashe Contribution, Loan, Investment and Asset Management across Africa.... 



As most Financial Cooperative/Institution in Africa maintain the records of their cooperative members (Credit/Debit) in a notebook and also provide a booklet for each member for transparent transaction, just as the banks were doing in those days. 

However, today banking system has shifted from manual book keeping records to the use of Information Technology to enhance their efficiency in performing their accounting. 

Wired Banking Management System This is a System specifically deploy for Financial institution to carryout Microcredit, saving management, Loan and Asset management also have access to digital banking solution in one simple and secure platform- give - Access to end customer and it excos. 





  1. WBA Management System: The proposed system involves the use of Global   System Mobile (GSM) device to transact, although it involves two way approaches on the system of payment. These are Cash Payment System (CPS) and Electronic Payment System (EPS). 

Cash  Payment   System  (CPS):  This involves   the Institution   collecting   cash    from  each of the customers at their business points in their respective shops. The Institution after each collection credit the customer via WBA portal while it send SMS  to  the office. The information passes through  a    gateway   and   hits    the   collector’s   till   box. A till box is an account the collector keeps with the backend office (WBAMS). The information is stored and an alert of the amount received from the customer is sent back to the customer. The customer receives the message through SMS on his mobile device. The alert takes place in microsecond such that the collector would still be in the customer’s office while the customer receives the alert if network is stable. 

A diagrammatic representation of such a system is shown below:






imageFlow of Payment and services


Withdrawal of Money: CPS involves the use of Automated Teller Machine (ATM) to withdraw money unlike the current practice of a collector bringing cash to the customer on request. The use of ATM is ideal since the Institution office is registered with WBA that provides commercial services. The ATMs are mounted at strategic places in markets where customers will have access to withdraw money at any time.








The Advantages of Such a System Include:

The money is readily available unlike the current system where the collector could be delayed in coming with money due to issues like sickness. The collector could be attacked on the road.


The ATMs are mounted in various locations. Therefore when an ATM is not functional, another ATM would be available to satisfy customer needs.


Interbank Transfer: This involves the use of Mobile Devices, but instead of cash payments or withdrawals, it involves the use of mobile money transfers. The system involves each customer and if the customer chooses to use mobile money transfer approach, the transfer is made. Once the transfer is made, it notification web-hook and deduct from the customer balance, the back office which Now sends a debit alert back to the customer.


Receiving money/ Funding of Wallet via Virtual Account: The same method is applied in Deposit. The customer can transfer to his account via his wallet account or virtual account that will be generated for him while registering,


Bill payment: We also allow the end customers, to pay their bills or purchase airtime via their wallet.






Additional Banking Tools 

  •  Inter Bank Transfer 
  • Bills Payment  - Cable TV & Electricity 
  • VTU – Airtime & Data
  •  Virtual Wallets
  • Dedicated Account Number 
  • E- Wallet Deposit 
  • Mobile And Agent Banking 
  • WhatsApp Banking

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